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Blue Skies Landscaping Program (Adults)

Blue Skies Landscaping employs residents to install gardens and fruit trees, maintain the Walnut Way campus, and execute landscape contracts on private and public properties. Projects feature cutting-edge innovations in urban environmental sustainability. Blue Skies offers job training in landscape horticulture and landscape construction for staff. The program is designed to employ residents and be a sustainable source of earned income for Walnut Way’s environmental initiatives.

We are currently recruiting for several landscaping positions.  Click here to download complete job description

Blue Skies Landscaping Crew Member
Blue Skies Landscaping Landscape Technician
Blue Skies Landscaping Bed Maintenance Crew Lead
Blue Skies Landscaping Construction Crew Lead
Blue Skies Landscaping Green Infrastructure Crew Lead
Blue Skies Landscaping Turf Maintenance Crew Lead
Blue Skies Landscaping Landscape Construction Supervisor
How to Apply

Email cover letter and resume to: Danielle Brower HR & Operations Manager

If you would like support preparing for this or other employment opportunities, please contact one of our neighborhood employment support organizations!

Clerical/Administrative Positions

There are no openings at this time. Please check back.