Walnut Way Blue Skies Landscaping announced as finalists for Ezekiel Gillespie Park

Congratulations to all of the finalists for #MANDI15

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What is your food story?

Walnut Way is creating a food magazine! We want to share your recipes & stories. What is YOUR food story? What food makes you happy? What meals heal your soul? Share your stories with us today! Submit your stories to Trenell Henning: in person, by phone, or email to Walnut Way: 2240 N 17th St • (414) 264.2326, thenning@walnutway.org. We have extended our deadline to January 31st.

Join us for a conversation on men's health in the community-Monday, Nov 17th

Neighborhood News Service visited us at our recent canning night-See the Photos

Neighborhood News Service documented our recent canning night. Check out the photos from the event by Sue Vliet.