Thank You from all of us at Walnut Way!

What's is your food story?

Walnut Way is creating a food magazine! We want to share your recipes & stories. What is YOUR food story? What food makes you happy? What meals heal your soul? Share your stories with us today! Submit your stories to Trenell Henning: in person, by phone, or email to Walnut Way: 2240 N 17th St • (414) 264.2326, We have extended our deadline to January 1st.

Join us for a conversation on men's health in the community-Monday, Nov 17th

Neighborhood News Service visited us at our recent canning night-See the Photos

Neighborhood News Service documented our recent canning night. Check out the photos from the event by Sue Vliet.

Now Recruiting Practitioners to Instruct Sessions on Wellness

Share your passion for a healthy lifestyle at the Innovations and Wellness Commons.

Join Us for a Volunteer Canning Night!

Walnut Way is hosting a canning night and we are are looking for volunteers to help us preserve the harvest. An abundance of green tomatoes are ready to be pickled. So lend a hand this fall evening for a fun night at the Walnut Way house. Special thanks to our host, Christina Ward of Kick Out the Jams who will be leading us with her expertise in canning and preserving. It's going to be a great night!