Each growing season (April-October), we welcome groups and individuals to the Walnut Way Campus to participate in an informative tour and impactful volunteer activities in the gardens. We also accept volunteers at special events such as the annual September Harvest Day street festival.
Food produced on the Walnut Way campus is sold at local markets, restaurants, and grocery stores, and transformed into canned goods by our youth interns.  Visit us seasonally on Saturdays at the Fondy Farmers Market and other local venues. We also sell our produce to local restaurants.
We offer paid adult tours April-October (pre-registration required). Outdoor self guided tours are available using the new Eco Tour map. Tours are learning opportunities for visitors highlighting our commitment to civic engagement, environmental stewardship, and creating venues for prosperity.
Taste of Lindsay Heights will be a carryout cafe at 1609 W. North Avenue. It's is a place for budding food entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level. Lindsay Heights residents and neighboring communities will benefit from a space to create and sell food, connect and eat well.
Walnut Way is partnering with The Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) to offer an introductory solar installation training program to eligible applicants. The program will provide solar credential pathways and career opportunities from industry experts. Join us.
The Walnut Way Center is an active neighborhood resource. Neighbors gather at Neighbor Night events, community meetings, and men’s and women’s groups. It serves to provide space for civic engagement and social networking which we know leads to more stable communities.
Walnut Way’s Neighbor Night are monthly gatherings centered on focus topics that support one's well-being and interests. Topics include cooking, nutrition, financial education, the arts, legal assistance, wellness, and more. These events are free and open to the public. A light meal is usually provided.
Walnut Way holds space for men each week online to talk about topics that support them on their journey to wellness. The program, “Real Men, Real Conversations,” is organized and facilitated by Kenneth Ginlack, a licensed therapist. Join us every Wednesday for real support.
The State of Wisconsin signed into law the 2005 Wisconsin ACT 186, which gives Wisconsin municipalities the power to create a NID within their communities.
Phase I was completed in October 2015 and is leased to tenant-partners: Fondy Food Center Administrative Offices and a commercial kitchen for the Milwaukee Center for Independence. They provide food-focused products and services, forming a healthy “food hub.”
Walnut Way’s signature summer teen internship program engages teens in urban agriculture, education, leadership development, and job training. Teens grow a wide range of chemical-free produce in the Walnut Way gardens and sell their harvest at local farmer’s markets.
The Community Wealth Building Campaign is a pilot program at Walnut Way rooted in an asset-based approach to wealth creation in the Lindsay Heights neighborhood.  It focuses on cultivating neighbors’ skills and gifts and generating wealth in the community.
Blue Skies Landscaping Program provides landscaping services in the Milwaukee area. Staff install and maintain landscapes, green infrastructure, gardens and fruit trees, maintain the Walnut Way campus, and execute landscaping contracts on residential, municipal and commercial properties.