Milwaukee JobsWork partners with Walnut Way to connect neighborhood residents with job readiness training and employment opportunities. Please visit our job readiness training partner’s website:

Blue Skies Landscaping Program (Adults)

Blue Skies Landscaping employs residents to install gardens and fruit trees, maintain the Walnut Way campus, and execute landscape contracts on private and public properties. Projects feature cutting-edge innovations in urban environmental sustainability. Blue Skies offers job training in landscape horticulture and landscape construction for staff. The program is designed to employ residents and be a sustainable source of earned income for Walnut Way’s environmental initiatives.

How to Apply

Please plan to apply for the 2018 season in March. The position description will be posted here. Please check back.

If you would like support preparing for this or other employment opportunities, please contact one of our neighborhood employment support organizations!

Growing Youth Leadership Internship Program (teens)

Growing Youth Leadership is Walnut Way’s signature summer teen internship program that engages Lindsay Heights teens in intensive urban agriculture education, leadership development, and job training. Teens grow a wide range of chemical-free vegetables and fruits in production gardens on Walnut Way’s environmental campus and at Alice’s Community Garden and sell their harvest at local farmer’s markets and participating in weekly learning labs and community service projects.

How to Apply

Applications for the 2018 growing season will be accepted starting in May 2018. Complete application process and requirements will be posted here. Please check back in May.

Contact Jeremy Davis, Environmental Specialist: for information.