The Community Wealth Building Program presents its online showcase of Lindsay Heights Entrepreneurs.

PaparazziBrenda Roshell Jones

Phone: 414-553-5396

Brenda Roshell Jones, born and raised in Milwaukee, joined Paparazzi Accessories a year ago in hopes to one day own her own business and be a role model for her family. She enjoys selling and wearing high quality, as well as nickel and lead free, jewelry featured only at Paparazzi all at an affordable price that is built to last. Paparazzi Accessories is the perfect one stop shop for all the fashionista’s in your life or for yourself!

GLDN HNY inc. – Chandra Ellis

Phone: 414-722-6798
Email: IG: @gldnhnyinc

GLDN HNY, a fresh pressed juicery that features ginger shots and sea moss gel, was started by Chandra Ellis for a delicious way to educate her community on natural fruit and herb healing. Our fresh pressed juice is made from real all natural ingredients like seeded watermelon, honeycrisp apples and organic kale. Taste the difference in GLDN HNY juices and other natural products! Detox between the holidays with a ½ Gallon of LIFE’S GOOD our nutrient-dense green juice for only $25

Kreative Fruitz – Imani Raiyne

Phone: 414-393-7120 FB: Imaniraiyne  IG: Thefruitzlady
Website: Email:

Imani Raiyne started Kreatize Fruitz, unique customized fresh fruit arrangements and courses, after losing her mother whom she had began creating fruit arrangements with. Kreative Fruitz has allowed Imani to share her love and knowledge of fruit carving through art therapy and promoting healthy lifestyles. Kreative Fruitz is dedicated to grow as a business while providing the community their knowledge on healthy eating as well as new healthy lifestyles while having fun.

Kyric’s Lemonade – Kyric Burt

Phone: 414-324-5668 FB:@kyricslemonade

Kyric’s Lemonade specializes in fresh, made-to-order classic lemonade and other delicious flavors. At nine years of age, Kyric decided to pursue her passion for lemonade as a way to make people happy and to bring together those who love this classic beverage. Kyric’s Lemonade comes in five tantalizing flavors including original, pink, blue and pineapple—one is sure to treat your taste buds! Kyric aspires to grow her brand and someday partner with a big name drink company to share her lemonade with the rest of the world!

Monica’s Wing Boutique – Monica Hubbard

Phone: 414-477-1734

Monica Hubbard is the founder and owner of Bread Explosion Decadent and Savory Bread Puddings. Her passion for baking and cooking began as a young girl in the heart of Milwaukee, she now has the opportunity to fulfill one of her lifelong dreams of baking and cooking creative meals for her community. The Fusion Comfort Food division of Bread Explosion, Monica’s Wing Boutique is her newfound niche for a wholesome fast food product that is healthy and a convenient food source for today’s busy lifestyles.

Rum Cakes by Paula – Paula Bost

Phone: 414-801-8056

Paula Bost owner and founder of Rum Cakes by Paula, specializes in cakes and banana puddings. Paula began her business after being encouraged by friends and family and of course her passion for baking delicious cakes. Her products include rum cakes (pineapple, coconut, pina colada and classic rum), red velvet cakes, five flavor pound cakes, layer cakes and banana puddings. All products are baked the evening before delivery to ensure that all products are as fresh as possible.  In addition, all products that are shipped are sent via second day delivery.

Nikki’s Boutique – Nikki Burt

Phone: 414-324-5668 FB: Nikki’s Boutique IG: nikkis__boutique

Nikki Burt is the founder and owner of Nikki’s Boutique where you can find women’s clothing and accessories. Nikki pursued her dreams of owning a boutique due to her passion for fashion and wants her customers to look and feel their best. Nikki’s Boutique features business attire, fiver and church wear and can ship directly to you! 

TWS Services LLC – Teresa Thomas-Boyd

Phone: 414-507-1115

TWS Services specializes in customizable apparel for churches and community organizations to build strong congregations and leaders. Their products include t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, all occasion baskets. TWS satisfies customer needs by offering a number of products including services in leadership development, marketing and issue campaigns. 

Urban Citizen Enterprises LLC – Shawn Mitchell

Phone: 414-376-3451

Urban Citizen Enterprises LLC, operated by Shawn Mitchell, provides customers with professional and administrative services. Shawn decided to start this business due to his passion for business and wanting to share that knowledge with those who may be unfamiliar with certain skills. Urban Citizen can aid customers with notary loan signing, website management, social media administration and consultation along with content marketing. 

Exclusive Finds – Thomas Penister

Phone: 414-467-4747 IG: 53exclusivefinds35  FB: Exclusivefinds FB: Djsolsay Kayser Solsay

Thomas Penister is owner and founder of Exclusive Finds, a custom uniform and other apparel business aiding businesses that want to add signature apparel to their brand. Exclusive Finds specializes in uniforms, graphic t-shirts and other custom apparel that a customer may need. Thomas hopes to continue educating and sharing his skills with the community and make a strong impact in helping others start the path to their dream.

Virtue Unlimited LLC – Timothy Ferguson

Phone: 414-376-3451
Website: Email:

Timothy Ferguson owns and runs Virtue Unlimited, specializing in construction contracting, snow removal and lawn care services. Virtue Unlimited offers an array of additional advice for homeowners including the areas of remodeling, renovating and maintaining in order to make the most out of your home. Timothy is aiming to grow his business in order to increase customers and bring on staff from the community to learn ways to achieve wealth. Give us a call or reach out to us for snow removal. We will work with senior citizens to make snow removal affordable.

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Tracey’s Little Treasures – Tracey Booker


Tracey Booker, owner of Tracey’s Little Treasures sells homemade home decors for all occasions and styles. Tracey’s love for arts and crafts allows her to hand make her one-of-a-kind products such as serving trays, jewelry boxes, makeup/trinket trays and much more! Tracey’s Little Treasures are the perfect one stop shop for any special occasion. 

Pipeline to Promise – Running Rebels

Phone: 414-264-8222
Website: FB: Pipelinetopromiserunningrebels

Pipeline to Promise (P2P) is a business initiative that brings community organizations, local businesses and community leaders together for the purpose of building community wealth. Through this effort, older and younger generations work together for a common goal of betterment of the entire community.