Whether you’re interested in beginners to rigorous yoga, classes for all levels are available on the 2nd floor of the Walnut Way Center. This is our next step forward to revitalize the Lindsay Heights neighborhood, to improve individual health and strengthen a culture of wellness.
The Healing Circle is offered twice a month on Friday nights. It was created as a safe space for women of color to gain skills in self-care. The program uses meditation, relaxation, breathing techniques, essential oils, integrative medicine, energy balance, movement, and more to face life's challenges.
Each growing season (April-October), we welcome adult groups to the Walnut Way Campus to participate in an informative tour and impactful volunteer activities in the gardens. We also accept volunteers at special events such as the annual September Harvest Day street festival.
We offer paid adult tours April-October (pre-registration required). Outdoor self guided tours are available using the new Eco Tour map. Our tours are neighborhood-based learning opportunities for residents and visitors highlighting our commitment to civic engagement, environmental stewardship, and creating venues for prosperity.
The Walnut Way Center is an active neighborhood resource. Neighbors gather at Neighbor Night events, community meetings, and men’s and women’s groups. It serves to provide space for civic engagement and social networking which we know leads to more stable communities.
Men from Lindsay Heights and nearby meet regularly to support and strengthen the network of African American fathers and men. We are looking for committed men to join this powerful fellowship circle. A real movement that is championed for men by men!
“The Commons” is a food hub built by Walnut Way, housing The Juice Kitchen a.k.a. The ShindigBasia Rose DesignsFondy Food Center Offices, and Milwaukee Center For Independence commercial kitchen. You can visit the shops at The Commons at 1617 W Fond du Lac Ave.
Walnut Way’s signature summer teen internship program engages teens in urban agriculture, education, leadership development, and job training. Teens grow a wide range of chemical-free produce in the Walnut Way gardens and sell their harvest at local farmer’s markets.
Our Growing Healthy Soil Program is complete. Join us at our June 15th close out of the project at Tech High School. With lunch, storytelling, and panel discussion. The project team will share their findings.
Food produced on the Walnut Way campus is sold at local markets, restaurants, and grocery stores, and transformed into canned goods by our youth interns.  Visit us seasonally on Saturdays at the Fondy Farmers Market and other local venues. We also sell our produce to local restaurants.
Young men, if you live, work, play, attend activities in Lindsay Heights, come be a part of the strongest brotherhood going on here in Lindsay Heights! Have your voice heard! Get plugged into a job! Plan and play during fun activities! All free!
Blue Skies Landscaping Program provides landscaping services in the Milwaukee area. Staff install and maintain landscapes, green infrastructure, gardens and fruit trees, maintain the Walnut Way campus, and execute landscaping contracts on residential, municipal and commercial properties.