Blue Skies Landscaping is a Program of Walnut Way Conservation Corporation.

We are beautify vacant lots, residential, and commercial properties.

We specialize in green infrastructure projects and work to reduce stormwater pollution.

What We Do

Blue Skies Landscaping Program is an operation providing a full range of landscaping services in the Milwaukee area. Blue Skies Landscaping staff install and maintain landscapes, green infrastructure, gardens and fruit trees, maintain the Walnut Way campus, and execute landscaping contracts on all types of properties, including residential, municipal and commercial.


Blue Skies focuses on our greatest assets – our people. We offer job training in landscape horticulture for staff.  The program provides job training and employment for individuals who have traditionally faced employment barriers and those seeking to build skills in a growing trade area.

The program also provides a sustainable source of earned income for Walnut Way and serves as a powerful vehicle for individual and community transformation. The impact extends beyond traditional job training programs as residents of the community are employed to help renovate once-vacant properties into community assets and serve as mentors to neighborhood youth who witness us working to lift up Lindsay Heights.

Our Services

Landscape Installations

When it comes to installations, proper practices will result in a beautiful, functional landscape for years to come. We pride ourselves on doing things the right way. We can install your landscape per design specifications, or provide design ideas to bring your vision to reality.

Landscape Maintenance

From 5-acre commercial campuses, to a 400 square-foot backyard, we get it tight and keep it beautiful all season long. Mulching, mowing, pruning, weeding and fertilizing are all parts of our comprehensive services available.

Landscape Revitalization

Over time, neglected landscapes become unsightly, overgrown, and difficult to maintain. Our staff can apply a firm, knowledgeable hand to refresh your landscape to get it back in shape.

Green Infrastructure Installation

As our climate shifts, managing stormwater and major rain events are ever more critical. Walnut Way’s Blue Skies team can help to manage stormwater via rain gardens or bioswales, permeable pavers, rain barrels or cisterns, green roofs, and native landscape plantings.

Green Infrastructure Maintenance

Proper maintenance is critical in order to maintain functionality and aesthetics of these systems. Our staff has extensive experience maintaining green infrastructure. From municipal bioswales to commercial green roofs to residential rain gardens and rain barrels, we can help keep systems working and beautiful.

Soil Conditioning

Growing food in the urban environment can be beneficial to health and wellness. However, urban soils often are contaminated with legacy pollutants. We can help to apply best practices to improve urban contaminated soils in your garden.

Hardscape Installations

Wisconsin’s outdoor season is short—all the more reason we must enjoy it to the maximum. Contact our team if you are interested in patios, retaining walls, pergolas, or other hardscape elements.

Orchard & Garden Installs / Maintenance

For over 15 years, our staff have operated the Walnut Way demonstration farm, innovating urban agriculture practices that work in Milwaukee. Contact us to help with fruit tree installations and care such as pruning and spraying, and installing gardens such as raised beds and windrows.

Snow Services

New in 2017, contact us if you are interested in snow shoveling, plowing, removal, and salting services for residential or commercial properties in Milwaukee.

Referrals – If you do not see the services you need performed on this list, feel free to contact us nonetheless. We likely know someone who does and can provide referrals.

A Look at Our Work

Meet Our Team

Jeremy Davis

Environmental Specialist
National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) Certified Instructor 
35-hour Green Infrastructure Training (Water Environment Federation approved) 
I am a grower and lover of the outdoors. I love the challenge of hard work and the uniqueness of each work day. I enjoy watching the development of our team and the transformation of spaces in our neighborhood and all over Milwaukee.
Joined Walnut Way in 2010

Aton Fox

Environmental Stewardship Program Assistant
Certified Public Notary
35-hour Green Infrastructure Training (Water Environment Federation approved)
I started working with Walnut Way as an intern for the Growing Youth Leadership program. Through the program, I learned and developed the skills I now use as the Environmental Programs Assistant. I hope to see growth in the people and places Walnut Way works with, myself included.
Joined Walnut Way in 2015

Jacob Liptack

Blue Skies Maintenance and Operations Supervisor
Certified Pesticide Applicator 
35-hour Green Infrastructure Training (Water Environment Federation approved)
I am a Supervisor and Horticulturalist with Blue Skies Landscaping. Born and raised in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood, I love to see the beautification that landscaping brings to our community.
Joined Walnut Way in 2014

Tony Velez

Blue Skies Construction Supervisor
Certified Equipment Operator
35-hour Green Infrastructure Training (Water Environment Federation approved)
I am a strong family-oriented individual who loves working with my hands and in my neighborhood. I have a huge heart of promise with ears to listen. I love building areas that were left behind to fail, producing life and beauty to landscapes around Lindsay Heights, Bronzeville and for many other partners. God is good all the time.
Joined Walnut Way in 2015

Curtis Williams

Blue Skies Maintenance Technician
35-hour Green Infrastructure Training (Water Environment Federation approved)
I am a multi-tasker and leader by example who pays attention to detail, and who is neat and clean. I am a start to finish person, work very well without supervision, and am an early bird who is always at work.
Joined Walnut Way in 2014

Reggie Moses

Blue Skies Maintenance Technician
35-hour Green Infrastructure Training (Water Environment Federation approved)
My cousin introduced me to Larry Adams while he was clearing his trailer. We helped him out and talked about how our neighborhood had changed. I now work at Walnut Way, and I developed into a more solid individual through the mentorship of my new brothers here at Blue Skies.
Joined Walnut Way in 2015

Jevon Prowell

Blue Skies Crew Member
35-hour Green Infrastructure Training (Water Environment Federation approved)
In 2014 I joined the Blue Skies Landscaping team. I love working with my hands and meeting lots of people. As I always say, “We don’t just do landscaping, we do it all!”
Joined Walnut Way in 2014

Carlos Lathan

Blue Skies Crew Member
Working for Walnut Way has helped me to gain knowledge, develop work skills, and prepare me for my future by learning different job trades and keeping me focused in the right direction.
Joined Walnut Way in 2017

Derrick Williams

Blue Skies Crew Member
Resident Preferred Program (RPP) Certified
Joined Walnut Way in 2018

Jermaine Wilson

Blue Skies Crew Member
35-hour Green Infrastructure Training (Water Environment Federation approved)
Resident Preferred Program (RPP) Certified
My name is Jermaine; I’ve been in Lindsay Heights since I was 14.  Working with Walnut Way has been a complete life-changer.  During my time here, I received recognition from MMSD for being the 12th person in the state with the NGICP green infrastructure certification.  This job–I mean lifestyle–is me!
Joined Walnut Way in 2018

Henry Hopkins

Blue Skies Crew Member
Resident Preferred Program (RPP) Certified
I am a hard worker and person who works to the best of his abilities.  I love the outdoors and working with my hands.  I am very friendly and easy to get along with.  I am a big guy with a big heart.
Joined Walnut Way in 2018

Upcoming Projects

The Griot
Landscape Installation

Lindsay Heights Green Infrastructure
in partnership with MMSD and Fund for Lake Michigan

Sherwin Williams Paint Store
Walker’s Point

Alice’s Garden
Rainwater Harvesting Project

Greater Galilee Church
Green Infrastructure Installation


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