Lindsay Heights Commercial Corridor Committee

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    Community. Mobilization, Economic Prosperity
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    Lindsay Heights residents and community members
    Due to Covid-19, meeting are held online.

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Previously recorded meetings:

January 12, 2021 – view recording

March 9, 2021 – view recording

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Who we are

The Lindsay Heights Commercial Corridor Workgroup, brings together Lindsay Heights neighborhood development stakeholders in order to plan, facilitate and implement corridor revitalization. Residents are undergoing a deep neighborhood planning process to better convene partners and neighbors to improve commercial corridors in Lindsay heights.

Lindsay Heights Neighborhood Action Plan

The purpose of the Lindsay Heights Action Plan is provide a comprehensive and integrated Action Plan that will support the ongoing focus for implementation aspects around Housing and Community Economic Development projects and programs that are occurring and being planned for the Lindsay Heights Area of the City of Milwaukee. This work effort is building upon the extensive work effort that resulted from the Lindsay Heights Zilber Neighborhood Initiative Quality of Life Plan. VIEW PLAN

Climate and Equity Action Plan

Milwaukee Climate and Equity Action Plan Information: This link will provide general information about the focus of the action plan, a list of the work groups and links to find out more about how climate change affects Milwaukee.

Public Involvement in a Milwaukee Climate and Equity Plan: This link is a Google registration form for those who are interested in participating in a workgroup.

Lindsay Heights Commercial Corridor Work-Group Meeting

View Recording of April 13, 2021

Lindsay Heights Charette Report

View Report

A Data Dream: Using Data Science to Empower the future of Lindsay Heights

View Project Summary