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    Walnut Way Center, Innovations and Wellness Commons

If you’re interested in visiting Walnut Way, we offer paid adult tours (pre-registration required). You may also select a self-guided outdoor walking tour using the Eco Tour map. Our tours are neighborhood-based experiential learning opportunities for residents and visitors highlighting our commitment to civic engagement, environmental stewardship, and creating venues for prosperity. All tours are available seasonally from April-October.

1. Free Self-Guided Outdoor Tour: Lindsay Heights was recently designated as an Eco Neighborhood. Visitors can use the new Eco Tour map for a self guided tour of the neighborhood. Please note, The Walnut Way Center is an active place with meeting and programs taking place. Therefore, the Walnut Way Center is not open to tour visitors without prior paid tour appointment (see below). Download the self-guided neighborhood map.

2. Paid Adult Tours: The fee is $10 per person Monday-Friday and $15 per person on Saturdays. This fee helps cover a portion of our staff time and occupancy costs. Please contact us 4-6 weeks in advance to schedule your tour. Please use the tour interest form on this page to request a paid tour.

3. Adult Volunteer Opportunities: Please visit our volunteer page.

Tour Interest Form

Please complete the tour interest form in order to begin your registration process. Group tours must be registered at least 4-6 weeks in advance. We will contact you to confirm that registration has been received, answer any questions you may have, gather any necessary final information, and arrange for payment. If you do not hear from us within two days, please call (414) 264-2326.

Payments can be submitted on the day of your tour or mailed to: Walnut Way Conservation Corp., 2240 N. 17th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53205. If your group cannot afford this fee, please call our office to inquire about scholarship opportunities. We are currently seeking donations to ensure scholarships are available to others. Any gifts above your tour costs are tax deductible.

*Completing the tour interest form does NOT guarantee we can host a tour on your desired date. Please wait for confirmation from Walnut Way. Questions, please call 414-264-2326 or email

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