Take time for yourself

  • Tags :
    Health and Wellness
    Who Can Participate :
    Adult men
    Location :
    Walnut Way Center, 2nd floor
Walnut Way holds space for men each week to talk about topics that support them on their journey to wellness. The program, “Real Men, Real Conversations,” is organized and facilitated by Kenneth Ginlack, a licensed therapist. The focus is to create spaces for men’s healing from trauma in a supportive environment. It’s now more important than ever to hold space to support men from our community as racial injustice and the pandemic highlight health disparities and access to services that disproportionately face men in our community and communities of color.

Topics vary each week but may include:

  • trauma
  • anger
  • loss
  • mourning

Benefits can include:

  • Gaining support and hope from others facing similar experiences
  • Feeling less anxious, afraid or alone
  • Sharing experiences and helping others
  • Learning new skills for coping and enhancing your life
  • Becoming more self-confident
  • Feeling more in control
  • Developing new friendships

We invite you to join us online, make connections, and use your past to walk into greatness in a supportive environment. Join us!

How to Join

Meets are held every Wednesday at 6:30pm online due to COVID-19. To join the next meeting, please download the Zoom Cloud Meeting application to your phone, tablet, or computer and use the following link or meeting ID to join: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/265549127 or the Meeting ID: 265 549 127

If you have any questions, please contact Kenneth Ginlack, Sr. at kennginlack@gmail.com.