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    Health and Wellness, Economic Prosperity
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    Adults, or as listed
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    Walnut Way Center, 2nd floor
The Zen Dragonfly yoga class in the Walnut Way Wellness Studio

Whether you’re interested in beginners to rigorous yoga, The Zen Dragonfly, HealSpace, HealGlow, and GodBody Creations offers a variety of classes for all levels on the 2nd floor of the Walnut Way Center. Walnut Way rents space to wellness businesses to offer Yoga and dance classes. This is our next step forward to revitalize the Lindsay Heights neighborhood, to improve individual health and strengthen a culture of wellness. We support local business owners as they grow their practice and increase access to movement & yoga classes in Lindsay Heights.

Wellness Highlights (Please note, not all classes are listed below. Please visit each businesses’ website or Facebook page for accurate schedule, registration, and fees.)

Rise And Mind – A Morning Meditation Class

Offered By: The Heal Space

Instructor: Jay Dean

Cost: $15.00

Register: http://bit.ly/riseandmind

Location: Walnut Way Upper Level

Class Schedule: Monday- Friday

Time: 6am -7 am

Who can attend: Open To All

Description: There are thousands of studies that have shown that mindfulness meditation can positively impact mental and physical health. Research shows that meditation aids in reducing stress, improving sleep, increasing focus, or improving relationships and so much more. Rise and Mind is an early morning flow that awakens the body and prepare the mind for the day ahead. This is a 45 minute session that will guide you through tuning into the breath and setting your intention for the day. This class is perfect for beginners or all levels of students who have some or no experience with meditation.

The Heal Space Soul Care Sessions

Offered By: The Heal Space

Instructor: Jay Dean

Cost: $30.00

Register: http://bit.ly/soulcaresessions

Location: Walnut Way Upper Level

Schedule: Every 1st Sunday

Time: 1pm -3 pm

Who can attend: Women of Color

Description: Soul Care Sessions are held once a month for 2 hours and are hosted by Jay Dean, founder of Afro Wellness + The Heal Space. These sessions invite you to settle into a space where you feel seen, heard and held in love, honor, and respect. We’ll explore various topics pertaining to overall wellness, means of expression to help you delve deeper into your divinity as a feminine woman and invite you to nurture healthy relationships among other women of color. Each session is designed intentionally and includes both heart-expansive exercises, conversation, and guided meditation.

Healing Through Drumming Therapy

Offered By: The Heal Space Instructor: Angela Smith

Cost: $15.00

Register: hXp://bit.ly/drummingtherapy

Location: Walnut Way Upper Level Schedule: Wednesday, June 5th, 2019 Time: 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Who can attend: Open to All

Drumming therapy is a vibrational and rhythmic sound healing that allows your brain 0me to slow down while giving you the opportunity to connect to your Spirit and ancestors. Drumming Helps with your ability to focus inward as well as outward while assisting you with developing a deeper self-awareness and self-esteem. It also helps to channel aggressive/destructive impulses into creative and positive activity along with developing self-control, patience and cooperation. Join Angela of The Zen Dragonfly as she leads you through a sacred journey of healing through drumming in a unique and culturally rich way. Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a journal, pen and open mind. You will be provided with a yoga mat, eye pillow, blanket and cushion during this workshop.

What’s coming in 2019: Phase II of The Innovations and Wellness Commons, our two-phase development project on 16th and North Avenue will welcome wellness instructors and serve as a collaborative community center, with wellness programs, a rooftop terrace, and a neighborhood yoga studio.

About the Wellness Businesses

HealSpace The Heal Space creates safe, loving and judgment-free spaces for women, men, and children of color to experience liberation, healing, and positive community. www.thehealspace.co

GodBody Creations aims to deepen the connection between the mind and body via yoga, meditation and Sangha. The practice of mindfulness is as important as food, water and shelter when it comes to our liberation. Whether you have never done yoga or are a seasoned yogi, we welcome you to share this space with individuals seeking truth, power, love and light. Our classes range anywhere from steady relaxation, to challenging and strength-building. GodBody Facebook

The Zen Dragonfly is where life meets movement. Art, health, wellness and community intertwine. It makes this work a positive force in the city. The Zen Dragonfly helps you find ways to love yourself and the world we live in. Zen Dragonfly offerings are of the holistic nature. We believe our lives consist of areas of wholeness. As beings we have a right to be whole and desire that to be.  We offer movement of dance and yoga classes to free your mind, body, and soul. Reiki to relax and de-stress. Lifestyle coaching to find your authentic self and joy. And more to feed your spirit, creativity and love for life! This is why it is a heart centered business. We are here to live the best life we can. www.thezendragonfly.com

Heal + Glow is at the Intersection of Wellness, Art + Culture. Sign up for classes and shop products at www.healglow.com.

If you are interested in renting space at Walnut Way, contact Angela Smith, Holistic Health Coach at amsmith@walnutway.org for more information.