Photo Credit: Grace Connaster

In the Media: 18th Annual Harvest Day and Caring Neighbors Mural Restoration

Harvest Day has wrapped up but we’re still in celebration because the Caring Neighbors Make Good Communities mural is fully restored and lighting up the alleyway next to Walnut Way. The mural gained a lot of attention at Harvest Day and youth, artists, and ArtWorks Executive Director, Terry Murphy, were present to unveil the hard work they did to restore the mural this summer. Read all about it in the latest article by Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service, Grace Connaster. Click here to read the article.

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Men’s Wellness – Umbuntu

There is an African Philosophy called Umbuntu that means “I am because we are… a person is a person through other people”. The philosophy of Umbuntu has intrigued me since I learned about it. I have gradually embraced the principles of collectivism, personal responsibility, modeling and community since earlier in my adulthood, but I never heard these principles summarized in such a beautiful concise way! These principles have always been at the heart of my work with men, boys and community and I attempt to create spaces where these ideas are able to have a home.

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