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Desmond Parker

Blue Skies Supervisor

Blue Skies Landscaping Technician

Resident Preferred Program (RPP) Certified
Zero turn Commercial Mower Trained
Walnut Way Driver Training (4 hours)
14 foot Trailer Trained

I’m Desmond and I’m from the Lindsay Heights area of Milwaukee. I enjoy being active and physical with a little quick thinking. I am laid back, but I get the job done. I’m 21 years old, a high school graduate and take pride in my work ethic.

Desmond parker is a 6 years Blue Skies crew members are responsible for the maintenance of bio retention sites and turf maintenance and winter services. They are a dedicated and committed team of individuals who have grown up in the neighborhood.

Their passion for their community is evident in their enthusiasm to ensure its continued success. In addition, they have become experts in the field of bio-retention and turf management, something very essential to the growth of their community.

(414) 296-1130

Desmond Parker
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