Letter from the Director

Dear Friends,

Walnut Way is dedicated to cultivating a strong and resilient community by working together with residents, local businesses, and government. We recognize that resident leadership activities and creating opportunities for economic prosperity are essential components for providing individuals with stability and security in economically isolated communities.

As we move into this new year, we will focus on empowering people living in Lindsay Heights and neighborhoods across Milwaukee by connecting them with resources that will enable economic stability, cultural enrichment, and environmental sustainability through social enterprise and collaborative problem-solving.

This includes investing in local environmental justice projects such as residential and community solar power access, broadband networks, lead remediation programs, and healthy home initiatives.

This also involves creating more opportunities for black-owned businesses to succeed while advocating for equitable infrastructure investments.

We aim to impact the quality of life of those within our community by promoting economic justice, wellness, and resilience.

The Walnut Way team is dedicated to leading these efforts but cannot do so without your help – join us on the path toward building a better future together!

Please enjoy a look back at 2022.


Antonio Butts, Executive Director