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Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an economically diverse community through environmental stewardship, community engagement, and economic development, ensuring sustainable transformation.


Our Vision

We envision an inclusive Milwaukee, where disparities among African Americans and low to middle income individuals and families become opportunities for growth. We invest in equity and systemic change to enhance community wealth, improve well-being, and foster resilient, self-sustaining neighborhoods. Together, we are committed to cultivating a thriving community where every resident can thrive.

Our Approach


Community-Led Comprehensive Development


At Walnut Way, we believe in the power of communities to drive their own change. Our approach to comprehensive community development is centered around empowering residents and fostering sustainable transformation. Through our model of "Community-Led Comprehensive Development," we strive to create a resilient and self-sustaining neighborhood in the Lindsay Heights area of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Empowering Community Members to Drive Change


We serve as facilitators and supporters, working hand in hand with community members to address disparities, increase community wealth, and enhance residents' well-being. By actively involving community members in decision-making processes and providing opportunities for leadership, we ensure that our initiatives truly reflect the needs and aspirations of the people we serve.


Diverse Activities for Holistic Development


Walnut Way operates a wide range of activities and programs that contribute to community development. From talent development for economic mobility to supporting small businesses, administering a neighborhood improvement district, and advocating for key issues like energy burden, broadband access, and water rights – each initiative aligns with our vision for a thriving and equitable community.


Collaboration for Amplified Impact


We understand that true transformation requires collaboration. That's why we actively seek partnerships with other organizations and institutions across Milwaukee. By leveraging collective resources and expertise, we amplify our impact and reach a broader audience, ultimately creating a network of allies working towards a common goal.


Operational Sustainability and Advocacy


To ensure long-term success, Walnut Way operates sustainable businesses like Taste of Lindsay Heights café, Design Away T-shirt shop, and Blue Skies Landscaping. These initiatives not only create job opportunities within the community but also generate revenue to support our programs and services. Furthermore, we go beyond service provision and advocate for crucial issues affecting our community, such as energy burden and broadband access, to bring about systemic change.


Wellness Focus for Thriving Communities


We believe that residents' well-being is a fundamental aspect of community development. Walnut Way prioritizes wellness-focused activities and initiatives, including a senior home repair program and creating safe and healthy neighborhoods. By addressing physical, mental, and emotional well-being, we contribute to a holistic approach to community transformation.


Guided by a Long-Term Vision


Every action we take is guided by our long-term vision of reducing disparities among African Americans, increasing community wealth, and creating a resilient and self-sustaining neighborhood. This vision serves as our compass, driving our strategies and fueling our commitment to empowering residents and creating lasting change.


Join us on this journey of community-led comprehensive development. Together, we can build a stronger and more vibrant Lindsay Heights neighborhood.

Join Us 

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