Letter from the Director

Dear Friends,

Thanks to the talents and contributions of many, Walnut Way’s innovative and integrated approach to improving the Lindsay Heights neighborhood through Wellness, Work, and Wealth has earned increasing support and success at the neighborhood, city and national level in 2019.

Blue Skies Landscaping is putting people to work. This year, our innovative social enterprise was recognized by The Institute for Sustainable Communities, a prestigious national program which supports community-based climate resilience, and the Milwaukee Awards for Neighborhood Development & Innovation (MANDI) award for economic development.

Our Community Wealth Building program is spurring economic opportunities for residents. This new program created new relationships and created pathways for building wealth.

Our Wellness Programs heal people and changes lives. Historic disinvestment and poverty weigh heavy on our minds and bodies, and Walnut Way’s wellness programs have become a touchstone for our community and beyond.

Every day, I am impressed with the creativity, talent and passion within our community. Please enjoy our look back at 2019!


Antonio Butts,

Executive Director