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Antonio Butts

Executive Director

Serving as the Executive Director of Walnut Way Conservation Corp., Antonio Butts is a transformative leader with a profound passion for Milwaukee.

In his career, Antonio has been able to effectively engage diverse stakeholders.

At Walnut Way, Antonio partners with residents to become agents of change in their community. He is involved in a wide array of activities, from advocating for issues like energy burden, broadband access, and water rights, to transforming residential foreclosures into affordable homeownership opportunities. His focus on individual talent development for economic mobility and support for small businesses is indicative of his commitment to fostering an economically diverse and vibrant community.

Antonio's work embodies his faith in community-led change and his dedication to creating a more equitable and sustainable future for all.

These efforts contribute to reducing disparities among African Americans, increasing community wealth, enhancing resident wellbeing, and fostering resilient, self-sustaining neighborhoods throughout Milwaukee.

(414) 260-2243

Antonio Butts
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