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"A Whole Home Approach"

Green Infrastructure, Energy Efficiency, Broadband, Home Ownership

Access and Affordability for Everyone

Pilots, Projects and & Programs

Our community-led 'Whole Home Approach' focuses on rehabilitating houses in poor condition, aiding seniors to age in place, and ensuring homes are lead-free and energy efficient. One of our key objectives is to collaborate with landlords to enhance the condition and quality of properties, while also creating affordable home ownership opportunities.

Beyond direct interventions, we also advocate for fair energy policies, engaging with the Public Service Commission and intervening in rate cases to address the energy burden on low-income households. This advocacy work bridges the gap between our direct actions and broader systemic change, creating a more equitable energy landscape for our community.


State of WI - Energy Innovation

MMSD - Green Infrstrucutre Programs

Funding opportunities, education, and tools to create successful green infrastructure strategies.

MKE Homes

Affordable Home Ownership


MKE Fresh Air Collective

We Energies - Energy Effiecnecy pilot

WPSC - Percentage of Income Pilot Program

LH NID Senor Home Repair

Focus on Energy - Community Impact Program


Affordable Broadband Access

Civic Participation Creates Pathways to Power

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