Antonio Butts

Executive Director

Antonio Butts is a catalytic leader who is passionate about transforming economically excluded communities into neighborhoods of health and prosperity. Antonio’s career is marked by his collaborative leadership style and ability to create social enterprise for economic and social impact.

Growing up in the Lindsay Heights neighborhood fueled his drive to be a leader. After seeing many friends become trapped by disparities, Antonio found optimism in The Boys & Girls Club and mentors who helped him cultivate his leadership talents to their full potential. Read more

Wellness Commons Antonio Butts Executive Director Walnut Way

Jerrilynn Freelon

Associate Director of Operations

Jerrilynn Freelon, Associate Director of Operations, is a teacher, leader, coach, advocate, mentor, philanthropist, who has been active in the Milwaukee community for more than 40 years. She joined her family in Milwaukee after graduating from Alcorn State University, an Historically Black University, where she majored in Economics and minored in Business Management. She is an Alcorn State University legacy. Her grandfather, cousin, and brother also attended the university. She received her MBA with an emphasis in Human Resources and Finance from Marquette University. She worked at Northwestern Mutual for nearly 40 years in a variety of diverse progressive roles. She acquired a great arsenal of skills, knowledge, and experienced many firsts during her tenure there. Read more

Joined Walnut Way in 2020

Amanda Maqueia

Digital Marketing Coordinator

I am a former student-athlete, originally from Brazil, and I moved to Milwaukee in 2018 after receiving a scholarship opportunity to play basketball and complete my bachelor’s degree at Marquette University.

I went to school for communication studies and advertising, which led me to Walnut Way as a member of the communications team.

I believe communication is a powerful tool with the capability of changing lives for the better. I love working with multimedia and being able to explore my creative side in order to deliver important messages that will somehow impact other people’s lives; being able to combine my passion with the work Walnut Way does makes me extremely happy.

Joined Walnut Way in 2020
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Aton Fox

Environmental Stewardship Program Assistant

I was born here in Milwaukee, and I’m from the Lindsay Heights Neighborhood. My family renovated and moved into a house on 16th Street, and it really helped me to ground myself to the neighborhood. Eventually, this tied me into Walnut Way, through the Growing Youth Leadership program.

I started working with Walnut Way as an intern for the Growing Youth Leadership program. Through the program, I learned and developed the skills I now use as the Environmental Programs Assistant. I like the positive effect our work has on the green spaces in the neighborhood and surrounding areas, and I’m happy to be a part of it.

I hope to see growth in the people and places Walnut Way works with, myself included.

Joined Walnut Way in 2015

Chandra Ellis

Community Wealth Building Coordinator

Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. My relationship with the city is improving as I’ve grown closer to the residents through my work as a juicer and a Community Wealth Building Coordinator.  Juicing is what connected me to Walnut Way, as a student of the Juice Kitchen and entrepreneur of Fondy Farmers Market. I want to connect with residents in a meaningful way, I want them to know that as a parent, my desire is to improve the community of Lindsay Heights and surrounding areas to create a better future for our children. Our community is immensely talented and what I enjoy most about working with Walnut Way is being a witness to the discovery and growth of those talents.

Joined Walnut Way in 2020
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Katelin Princl

Designaway Project Coordinator

I was born in South Korea and was adopted/grew-up near Madison, WI. I came to Milwaukee almost six years ago for school. Right now, I am working on my Master of Sustainable Peacebuilding at UWM. My position at Walnut Way is as the Designaway Project Coordinator. I am very thankful for the people I have met here, it’s a great place to be using my design skills and learning new things every day! In my spare time, I love reading, snacking, and going for a jog on the different Milwaukee trails!

Joined Walnut Way in 2020