Antonio Butts

Executive Director

Antonio Butts is a catalytic leader who is passionate about transforming economically excluded communities into neighborhoods of health and prosperity. Antonio’s career is marked by his collaborative leadership style and ability to create social enterprise for economic and social impact.

Growing up in the Lindsay Heights neighborhood fueled his drive to be a leader. After seeing many friends become trapped by disparities, Antonio found optimism in The Boys & Girls Club and mentors who helped him cultivate his leadership talents to their full potential. Read more

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Abraham Larkoh

NID Coordinator

I was born and raised in West Africa, where I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and a Diploma in Peace and Conflict Studies. I moved to Milwaukee in 2017, and I have recently graduated in the Master of Sustainable Peacebuilding program, and Women’s and Gender Studies at UW-Milwaukee.

My areas of studies, work experiences, and passion led me to Walnut Way, where I can contribute to the mission and goals of the organization in addressing the people’s most pressing economic, environmental, and health needs. I am a community mobilizer and social leader who is passionate about promoting peacebuilding, gender rights, social justice, food security, conflict management, and building community resilience. My goal in life is to serve humanity by working to create an enabling environment for sustainable growth and peace.

Joined Walnut Way in 2020

Jeremy Davis, BBA, MUP

Environmental Specialist

I am a grower and lover of the outdoors. I love the challenge of hard work and the uniqueness of each work day. I enjoy watching the development of our team and the transformation of spaces in our neighborhood and all over Milwaukee.

Joined Walnut Way in 2010

Amber Ascher

Environmental Stewardship Operations Manager

I’m passionate about food, community, and nature. Where better to unite these interests than Walnut Way? After having worked in the corporate world for several years, my heart was drawn to neighborhood-based non-profit organizations that were making an impact in my own community. As a resident of the nearby Harambee neighborhood, I was familiar with Walnut Way’s work and had always admired their unique approach to building community prosperity.

The Blue Skies program that I support as Operations Coordinator is an amazing opportunity for residents to gain valuable, career-building skills while contributing to a greener, healthier, more beautiful city.

Joined Walnut Way in 2020

Aton Fox

Environmental Stewardship Program Assistant

I was born here in Milwaukee, and I’m from the Lindsay Heights Neighborhood. My family renovated and moved into a house on 16th Street, and it really helped me to ground myself to the neighborhood. Eventually, this tied me into Walnut Way, through the Growing Youth Leadership program.

I started working with Walnut Way as an intern for the Growing Youth Leadership program. Through the program, I learned and developed the skills I now use as the Environmental Programs Assistant. I like the positive effect our work has on the green spaces in the neighborhood and surrounding areas, and I’m happy to be a part of it.

I hope to see growth in the people and places Walnut Way works with, myself included.

Joined Walnut Way in 2015

Marissa Cudworth

Environmental Stewardship Public Ally

I moved to Milwaukee in 2014 for undergraduate studies at UWM. I love living here for its vibrant communities and close proximity to the waterfront. I’ve traveled all over the world, yet I find it difficult to feel at home anywhere except Milwaukee.

I’m currently serving as a Public Ally Americorps Member, which led to my placement at Walnut Way. As a member of the environmental team, I enjoy exploring my creativity through preservation efforts and getting my hands dirty in the gardens. I have enjoyed engaging our volunteers at the Center. My work exemplifies my commitment to empower others through education, resources, and skill-building. I believe change occurs when others become confident in their abilities, which then amplifies their voice within their communities.

Joined Walnut Way in 2020

Erica Heisdorf Bisquerra

Marketing and Communications Manager

I grew up on Milwaukee’s Northside and love my city. I am a creative person at heart. I have been involved in youth arts and multi-media for many years. I studied art at UWM and in Italy, but most of my learning has been out of the classroom. As a Public Ally AmeriCorps Member I fell in love with media by working on a documentary on Burmese refugees transitioning to life in Wisconsin. I was inspired by the way I could use my creativity to bring awareness to my community. I’ve made several trips across the globe to places like Honduras, where my grandfather is from, which gives me perspective and continues to inspire me. As always, I return home, there is much to do here.

Since 2004 I did art and environmental education with youth in Milwaukee area parks and in urban gardens. We painted together, explored art galleries, and I learned alongside them how to garden and identify plants. I am full of many warm summer memories with youth across the city creating art and digging in the dirt.

I started my employment at Walnut Way in 2010, as a Public Ally and Fellow as a youth coordinator. Since 2013, I have been working in communications. I use digital media and print communications to shine light on collective efforts happening across the neighborhood with many great partners and people of Milwaukee.

I look forward to continuing my path connecting and building community using the arts and creative media.

Joined Walnut Way in 2010

Amanda Maqueia

Multi-media Communications Specialist

I am a former student-athlete, originally from Brazil, and I moved to Milwaukee in 2018 after receiving a scholarship opportunity to play basketball and complete my bachelor’s degree at Marquette University.

I went to school for communication studies and advertising, which led me to Walnut Way as a member of the communications team.

I believe communication is a powerful tool with the capability of changing lives for the better. I love working with multimedia and being able to explore my creative side in order to deliver important messages that will somehow impact other people’s lives; being able to combine my passion with the work Walnut Way does makes me extremely happy.

Joined Walnut Way in 2020