Help us Build the Walnut Workshed

The Walnut Workshed is a space for youth learning in the gardens, storage and refrigeration space for Walnut Way’s urban farm. Help us grow our vision of an environmentally just community with enhanced facilities. Your donation towards our $30K goal will go a long way for our agriculture program and will help our program for years to come!

The Why

Our urban agriculture program at Walnut Way is in need of independent, sustainable facilities that will support our current farming capacities and allow us to expand our impact in the future. We will repurpose a shipping container into a refrigeration and food processing facility in tandem with a two-car garage. Our goal is to build an innovative facility that will limit our food waste output, provide accessibility and protection to tools and equipment, and increase our capacity for providing fresh, chemical-free produce to the community.

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Walnut Workshed

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Our Vision

Our vision for the Walnut Workshed includes purposeful features such as:

  • A mural by a local artist
  • Signage to honor the space
  • Storage for urban agriculture tools
  • Shelving for youth supplies
  • Refrigeration unit in a refurbished shipping container
  • A garage and shelter for youth to hold workshops, plant seeds, and learning labs
  • Tables for learning
  • etc.
Walnut Way Center
WW Center

Walnut Way is a community driven nonprofit organization celebrating over 20 years in operation. Founded on the belief that our neighborhood is full of assets, residents converted vacant lots and restored a boarded up home into an active community center where neighbors lead from where they live through revitalization and community development efforts.

Walnut Way is dedicated to removing barriers to wellness, work, and wealth through civic engagement, environmental stewardship, and creating venues for prosperity.

Walnut Way is located at 2240 N 17th St in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the Lindsay Heights Neighborhood on Milwaukee’s near northside.

Our Goal

Help us reach $30,000!

Special thank you to our partner, Outpost Natural Foods, for choosing Walnut Way in 2021 as their Outpost Sustainable Agriculture Partner. Thanks to Outpost, we already received $4,725 towards the project and additional resources and volunteer support.

Project Timeline

Fundraising: July 5 – August 31st.

Construction: Fall 2021

Volunteer on the Project

If you would like to donate your time helping with construction or have skills you think would make a great fit for the project such as carpentry, painting, or more, please email project coordinator, Marissa at mcudworth@walnutway.org.

Phone: 414-264-2326

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