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No Theories... Just Transformation

What we Do

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Comprehensive Development

Taste of Lindsay Heights


What we Do

Walnut Way Conservation Corps is a non-profit organization based in the Lindsay Heights neighborhood of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our mission is centered around "Community-Led Comprehensive Development." This approach aims to empower community members to drive their own change, with Walnut Way serving as a facilitator and supporter. Our Community-Led Comprehensive Development approach recognizes the interconnectedness of wellness, work, and wealth. By fostering community wellness, we encourage active engagement. By linking work to environmental stewardship, we promote sustainable practices while providing meaningful employment. And by driving economic development, we enhance community wealth. Together, these elements create a resilient, self-sustaining neighborhood where every resident can thrive.


Community Engagement


Wellness is a foundational aspect of our community engagement work. We understand that a healthy community is an engaged community.

We foster wellness through various initiatives such as our Wellness Commons space, senior home repair program, and advocacy for fair energy policies. By creating a safe and healthy environment, we empower residents to actively participate in decision-making processes and community activities.