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What We Do


We’re creating spaces & opportunity for our neighborhood to participate in caring for our community through workgroups, meetings, events, and programs that promote wellness and community leadership, and civic engagement.


We’re transforming unused spaces into productive gardens, parks & healthy community spaces. We employ 20 staff year round in green jobs that beautify the community, train community members in green infrastructure, and grow youth leadership.


We’re collaborating across sectors to bring investment back to the North Avenue Commercial Corridor through development projects, social enterprise, entrepreneurial support of residents, and, attract housing resources.

Our mission is to sustain transformation by advancing an economically diverse and abundant community through civic engagement, environmental stewardship, and creating venues for prosperity.
About Us

Imagine with us

Our goal is to create a neighborhood that is thriving, cohesive, and innovative! In the Greater Walnut Way community, rebirth will be evidenced by successful businesses run by residents, parks filled with neighbors, bountiful gardens, festivals and art at a neighborhood scale. Residents will have access to quality education, health care, technical support and investment. Elders will be remembered and consulted. Children will be cherished and guided. Innovations to support our earth will be expected. Neighbors will live and serve abundantly.

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“One thing I do that many people don’t get the chance to do or simply just don’t do it is give to my community. I am a part of Walnut Way and always will be. I feel like I’m around family and friends here.”

Growing Youth Leadership Intern