To sustain transformation by advancing an economically diverse and abundant community through civic engagement, environmental stewardship, and creating venues for prosperity.


A transformed Community with cooperative economics, healthy social networks, and thriving people, places, and spaces.

Roots & Progress

Since our purposeful beginnings in 2000, we have restored dilapidated homes, built a vibrant community center, transformed vacant lots into gardens and orchards, developed new venues for economic development, and pathways to meaningful employment, created innovative wellness programs, and engaged residents of all ages in neighborhood revitalization activities.

Our Neighborhood

Walnut Way works in the heart of the 110-block Lindsay Heights neighborhood on Milwaukee’s near-Northside from Walnut to Locust Street and I-43 to 20th Street. Home to over 2,700 families, Lindsay Heights is a vibrant African American community building on its assets to face complex challenges. We are deeply committed to sustaining economically diverse and abundant communities through civic engagement, environmental stewardship, and creating venues for prosperity.

Quality of Life Plan

From the beginning, we have understood that the way we work together matters. Together with residents, young people, business owners, non-profits, and a range of other stakeholders we created a vision of what Lindsay Heights can be. Over 200 residents and partners developed the Lindsay Heights Quality of Life plan that sets our vision and guides our work in health and wellness, economic prosperity, and environmental stewardship.

Our Story

Walnut Way Conservation Corp. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit neighborhood organization founded in 2000 by Lindsay Heights residents to reclaim and redevelop the economic health and vitality of their community.

In the years since, Walnut Way and its partners have rolled out a series of successful and innovative programs and initiatives addressing the neighborhood’s most pressing economic, environmental, and health issues.

Our History
Our Programs and Initiatives
Co-founders Sharon and Larry Adams founded Walnut Way along with their neighbors rooted in the belief that their community is abundant and powerful. The Adams retired from Walnut Way in 2015.

Board of Directors

Board Photo 2019

LaVonda Graham

Vice President
Annie Robinson

Monique Graham

X’Zayvion McCoy

Heidi Moore

Rev. Gregory Lewis

Our Core Values

Resident led
Right relationships
Spirit of Abundance
Learning through Implementation